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Welcome to iLEAD Spring Meadows!


We are very excited to open the doors to our new school this fall! iLEAD Spring Meadows is a nonprofit, tuition-free charter school with a vision to nurture the MIND, BODY and HEART of every child. We believe that learning should be FUN and full of JOY! We strive every day to help children communicate effectively, solve problems, understand and cooperate with others, appreciate and care for the world we live in, and be lifelong learners. Our staff is committed to help each individual achieve his or her greatest educational potential!
One way we do this is through PROJECT-BASED LEARNING.
Project-based learning (PBL) is learn-by-doing curriculum that integrates core subjects with real-life problems to be solved.
Facilitators work in teams with one another to identify key standards and skills that need to be addressed at the grade level. Then facilitators work backward to plan their curriculum, striving to create engaging, interdisciplinary projects that center on a big idea and a real-world connection that is rigorous, relevant and meaningful to learners’ lives.
Learners work individually and in teams to create a final product that demonstrates mastery of content standards and a demonstration of key 21st-CENTURY SKILLS such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. One of the most important aspects of project-based learning is a public presentation of the culmination of the learning, called a Presentation of Learning (POL). The POL allows each learner to articulate and demonstrate the content and skills learned.
To find out more about PBL, please see the videos below:
An Introduction to PBL
iLEAD Spring Meadows

iLEAD Spring Meadows offers a bright future for your child by providing Project Based Deeper Learning that promotes the development of the Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills needed for life-long success.

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