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Valentine’s Day Norms at iLEAD Spring Meadows


We have had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Halloween and winter festivities as a school community. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and although we are not doing a schoolwide celebration, some classes may choose to acknowledge the day as a celebration of inclusion, friendships and community.
Below are the norms iLEAD Spring Meadows learners will be asked to follow. If your learner’s facilitator is providing opportunities for Valentine’s Day themed activities, you will hear from her.
–  Learners may bring Valentines for classmates, but it is NOT required to participate.

–  However, if the learners decide to exchange greetings, then the learners need to provide a greeting for every learner in the class. We do not want exclusionary behaviors to be encouraged.

–  We strongly encourage learners to bring goodies that are NOT sugary or candy. Pencils, stickers, cards and healthy snacks are all excellent alternatives to candy.
Thank you for your understanding and support of these norms.  Please contact your learner’s facilitator if you have any questions.
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