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January 28 – Reports of Progress sent home

January 29 – Open enrollment begins

February 1, 5-7 PM – Family Pizza Night Open House at iLEAD Spring Meadows

February 21-25 – K-8 Winter Programs

February 21-25 – K-8 Black History Celebration Presentations of Learning

February 26, 1-3 PM – Dress for a Mess/We Are Makers Open House at iLEAD Spring Meadows

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Upcoming Events

Click here for the academic calendar May 31, Field Day June 1, Kindergarten Celebration, 1:30 p.m. June 2, 8th Grade Celebration June 3, LastRead More



Please make sure your learners have weather-appropriate attire for playing outdoors. Learners may want to layer up for changes from morning to afternoon andRead More

iLEAD Spring Meadows learners cleanup day and Math Camp

COVID-19 Updates

Although COVID numbers within the school have been low, we are still required to follow the guidelines set by the LCHD. Please take timeRead More

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