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A Reminder about Technology & Internet

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Most of our classes have been implementing technology and internet into their daily routines as learners conduct project research, read and write stories, or practice skills on online programs. As a reminder, iLEAD Spring Meadows devices are on a secure wi-fi network that is supposed to filter out inappropriate content. The iLEAD IT department can view the websites that are being blocked by the firewall, and at any time, can put a block on websites that are inappropriate for a school setting.

If your family chooses to allow your learner to bring a personal device to school, we encourage you to apply parental controls that will encourage safe access to the internet. Children should use the iLEAD Learner wi-fi network while at school.  Staff is able to provide the password to any learner who needs it. Staff is also monitoring for unauthorized use of the cameras to protect everyone’s privacy.  Facilitators continue to set clear expectations and structures in their learning spaces that indicate when technology is to be used during the day.

Please continue to have ongoing conversations with your learner at home about respectful use of school and personal technology. The iLEAD Spring Meadows team will do the same while your children are at school.

If you have any questions about how technology is used in each classroom, please contact your learner’s facilitator. Feel free to contact the administrative team if you have any general questions regarding technology.

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