Presentations of Learning – What Are They?


A presentation of Learning (POL) is the culmination of a project – a way for learners to showcase and reflect on the process they took when completing a project. During a POL, learners will not only display the work that was done throughout the process of the project, but also they will have the opportunity to interact with guests (families, classmates, staff, community members, etc.) as they discuss the project they concluded.
Reflection and documentation are vital pieces of project based learning (PBL). During a POL, learners will articulate not only the academic content and skills they gained from the project process, but also provide guests with thoughtful reflection. For example, learners may discuss the successes and challenges they faced, how they applied new skills to complete the project, or how they collaborated or utilized other social-emotional skills.
The POL is a celebration and is part of iLEAD’s overall culture. Some POLs will take place during school hours, and some may happen outside school hours and possibly off-site. Families can expect invitations to multiple POLs throughout the year and are encouraged to attend as many as they can.
This upcoming Friday, Nov. 3, many of our classes will be hosting their first POL of the year! Our staff wanted to coordinate POL dates to accommodate families with multiple children enrolled at the school. As a result, we invite all families to experience several classes’ POLs from 9-10 a.m.
Throughout the year, we will continue to host school-wide presentation of learning events. During these POL dates, some classes may be in the middle of completing a project. If that is the case, they will be presenting the work they have done thus far and discuss what their next steps are toward completing the project.


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