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Playground Update!


In the spring, iLEAD Spring Meadows hosted a successful fundraising gala event, where we raised money for an exciting new playground for our learners. We are grateful for the support from our families and community members who helped us reach our funding goals!

We are excited to announce that there is movement being made toward getting professionally designed and constructed equipment installed on the yard. The iLEAD facilities department has been collaborating with a small team at Spring Meadows and they have selected the equipment. We are currently waiting for an updated price quote and a visit from the local rep of the company from which we are obtaining the equipment. iLEAD Director of Facilities April Cauthron will be on campus this week so we hope to make more movement when she is here!

In the meantime, we purchased footballs, rubber playground balls, soccer balls, a soccer net, and a beanbag toss game for the learners. Ms. Christine traveled from class to class to discuss how to take care of the equipment by picking up and returning all items to where they belong at the conclusion of each lunch and recess. As a school, we are tracking how many days in a row we can demonstrate respect by returning everything exactly where it belongs.

Thank you for your continued support, and we will continue to provide you with updates throughout the process!

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