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What You Need to Know for the First Week of School


The first week of a new school year is here!  The iLEAD team couldn’t be more excited, and we hope your family is just as thrilled as we are.  Please take a moment to read the important information we provided.

Drop-off & Pick-Up

Learners may be dropped off between 8 and 8:30 and picked up between 3 and 3:15.  The valet instructions are below. Pick-up Valet maps will be available at the school.

Drop off:  Enter the first driveway, and drive past the front of the school.  Continue driving your car through the gated play area (gates will be open in the morning).  Bring your car to a complete stop in front of the Village door on the side of the building, where your learner(s) will enter the school.

Pick-Up:  There are two pick-up locations during 3 p.m. dismissal.

Learners in grades K & 1 will be picked up through the side door in the Village.  Enter through the second driveway, drive through the gated play area, and pick up your learner through the Village door.  Exit through the same driveway you entered.

Learners in grades 2-8 will be picked up through the door on the west side of the building. Enter through the first driveway, drive through the parking lot, and turn so that the school building is on the right side of your vehicle. Learners will be released through the second door on the side of the building. Exit through the same driveway you entered.

If your family has learners in grades K-1 and 2-8, the older learner(s) will walk to the Village at dismissal and be picked up with the younger learner.

Families are welcome to park the car and walk up to the main entrance during drop-off and pick-up. Please be mindful about where you park to avoid traffic jams.

Breakfast & Lunch

Click here for the August breakfast & lunch menus.

We offer hot lunch five days a week.  Hot breakfast is served Monday-Thursday, and cold breakfast on Friday. All meals are provided by our caterer, Upper Echelon. Meal prices are below:

Reduced Breakfast:  30 cents

Full price Breakfast:  $2.00

Reduced Lunch:  40 cents

Full price Lunch:  $3.00

Your family may pay for meals daily or pre-pay in advance. Please put check or cash in an envelope labeled with the family’s name and bring to Lorri at the front desk. We also accept PayPal payment via a credit or debit card.

Facilitators take lunch count during their morning routines. If your learner will arrive to school late and needs to order a lunch, please call Lorri before 8:45 so we can order a lunch for them.

Breakfast is served from 8 to 8:30 a.m. in the Village.

Scheduled lunch times are as follows:

  • Kindergarten & Kindergarten/1st Grade Classes: 11-11:30
  • 1st Grade & 2/3 Grade Classes:  11:30-12:00
  • 3/4 Grade & 4/5 Grade Classes:  12-12:30
  • 6-8 Grade Class:  12:30-1

Before & After Care

Click here for the After School Adventure Care registration form. Families who will only be using before school care do not need to register their learner(s).

Before-school care takes place from 6 to 8 a.m. Please enter through the gated playground area and walk your learner inside the Village using the side door. Sign them in before leaving.

After-school Adventure Care takes place from 3 to 6:30 p.m. When picking up, please enter through the side Village door and sign out your learner.

Families will be invoiced monthly for both services.

What will my learner be doing in class?

The first few weeks of school are critical for culture and community building. Our facilitators will be providing countless opportunities for building relationships that will help ensure a trusting, fulfilling learning environment for the rest of the year. Learners will be part of the process when creating norms and routines within the learning spaces.

There will not be a significant focus on academic projects right away; our staff will dedicate the first few weeks building classroom culture, making formal and informal observations, gathering assessment data, and allowing learners to transition into our unique program.


iLEAD Spring Meadows

iLEAD Spring Meadows offers a bright future for your child by providing Project Based Deeper Learning that promotes the development of the Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills needed for life-long success.

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