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Join me this month in making an intentional effort to celebrate the contributions of African-Americans, past and present, who shape our world today. We will also be focusing on a Heart Healthy Lifestyle with the American Heart Association. In honor of both, let me introduce you to Dr. Myra Adele Logan, an African-American physician, surgeon, and anatomist! In 1943, Dr. Logan became the first woman to perform open heart surgery. It was reportedly the ninth time the procedure had been performed worldwide. Logan’s research included studying antibiotics and breast cancer. Her notable contributions include developing more accurate tests to detect density differences in breast tissue. A surgeon at Harlem Hospital in New York, she was also a founding partner of the first physicians group practice in the United States. The native of Tuskegee, Alabama, died in 1977. She was believed to be 68.

iLEAD Spring Meadows

iLEAD Spring Meadows offers a bright future for your child by providing Project Based Deeper Learning that promotes the development of the Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills needed for life-long success.

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