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Learner Showcase Presentations – How iLEAD Concludes our School Year














As we wrap up this school year, it is important to begin thinking about the Showcase Presentations that are taking place during the last week of school. These have been on the school calendar and many of you may be wondering what these are. Please take a moment to read and learn what you can expect during the Showcase Presentations the last week of school and why we do them at iLEAD.

What are Showcase Presentations?

In a nutshell, Showcase Presentations are individual, reflective presentations that ask learners to articulate their learning journey to an audience of their classmates, facilitator, and parents. This looks different in every grade level, but every child is expected to think about what they learned and how they grew as an individual this year. And because we focus on the whole child, parents can expect their child’s presentations to discuss academic, social-emotional, and leadership growth.

Our facilitators will be working with their classes to develop these presentations. They will ask each child to reflect on developmentally appropriate questions and then use the answers as the foundation of each learner’s presentation. Each learner will choose how they wish to present their Showcase so that he or she can truly be creative and express individual style and passion.

What is my role as a parent?

Parents play a huge role in this process as well. In addition to helping your learner do some reflection if necessary, parents are invited to come into the classroom and view your child’s presentation. We highly encourage at least one parent or family member to be present during their learner’s Showcase.

Showcase Presentations are scheduled for Monday, June 5 -Thursday, June 8. Each facilitator will be developing her own schedule and will be reaching out to families soon to schedule presentation dates and times for their class. We understand we have many working parents, but are hopeful that with enough notice, families can be part of the presentation process. Please stay alert of communication from your learner’s facilitator regarding scheduling Showcase Presentations.


Christine Kunishige

Christine has been part of the iLEAD team for 9 years. She has taught multiple grade levels at iLEAD's Founding School and has taken several leadership roles during her time in California. Christine relocated to Holland to help bring the vision of iLEAD to life in Northwest Ohio. She is currently part of the iLEAD Maker Team and works closely with the facilitators to support Project Based Learning and other educational best practices. Christine strives to foster a school wide culture of collaboration, empathy, and leadership for staff, learners, and families.

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