Join iLEAD Spring Meadows’ Annual Storybook Costume Parade


iLEAD Spring Meadows will have our annual Storybook Costume Parade for grades K-8 again this year! The parades will take place as follows:

  • Cohort A: Tuesday, October 27, 10 AM
  • Cohort B: Friday, October 30, 10 AM

Families with full-time virtual learners are invited to participate on either day. Virtual learners will remain with their families during the parade in their designated area, maintaining social distancing from other families. Families of on-site learners will be able to line up along the front sidewalk to view the parade. All visitors on school grounds will be expected to maintain six-feet distance and to wear face masks.

Learners should dress as their favorite book characters. Bring a copy of the book with you to carry in the parade for a special treat!

Learners can wear their costumes to school on these days. Please avoid any costumes that require full-face coverings, any weapons, blood, or other gory attire.


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