iLEAD Spring Meadows Charter School

We are currently not having regularly scheduled monthly in person iSUPPORT meetings. With COVID and low meeting participation from volunteers, we’ve decided to meet and work on an as-needed basis. With that said, we would still LOVE and NEED your support and participation in school and community events. iSUPPORT is iLEAD Spring Meadows’ parent, guardian, staff, community volunteer group that helps plan and execute school fundraising, events, outreach, and more. If you are interested in working with iSUPPORT, have an idea for a schoolwide fundraiser or community event, please get in contact with Ali Reed, ali.reed@ileadspringmeadows.org.


open book

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to iLEAD Spring Meadows, December 5-9!

Books make great gifts and great readers! Come check out the book fair during school hours from December 5-9. The book fair will alsoRead More

Lion in the grass

​​The Lion King Kids Auditions! 4th-8th grade on Dec 9-14:

All 4th-8th grade learners are invited to audition for our spring musical, The Lion King Kids! Auditions will take place December 9-14, during theRead More


iSupport: Our Family Engagement and Volunteer Group

All families are invited to participate in our iSupport Group. This is our iLEAD Spring Meadows family engagement group. Our iSupport team is essentialRead More

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