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Upon entering any iLEAD campus, one of the first things a visitor will notice is our unique classrooms and rooms. At first sight, the open classrooms, rich use of technology, and alternative seating may seem strange. However, this layout was purposefully and thoughtfully planned — and each area of the site contributes to an engaging and 21st-century driven learning experience. The iLEAD team has collaborated with many experts the design industry and specialists of innovative classrooms to find creative solutions to the most common problems with traditional classrooms.

The following spaces will be featured in iLEAD classrooms. These terms were coined by Dr. David Thornburg, author of From the Campfire to the Holodeck: Creating and Engaging 21st Century Learning Environments, a book that heavily influenced iLEAD’s classroom design.
Campfire – since the beginning of human history, the campfire has been the place where learners and teachers gather to share stories, collect knowledge, and formulate “driving questions.” These questions fuel a passion in learners and ignite deeper explorations into the content that empowers their own creativity.
Watering Hole – a central gathering place where learners can collaborate and synergize in open and ongoing dialogues and foster a deeper understanding and authentic connection with their peers.
Cave – a reflective space to retreat for moments of solitary introspection. Learners may absorb what they learned from gathering around the Campfire and at the Watering Hole and emerge with a more focused understanding.
Holodeck – a reconfigurable, technology-based, immersive learning space that supports engaging project launch and research, learner inquiry, and a deeper learning experience.
Life – a place to apply and transfer knowledge, where learners present their projects and beautiful work is displayed, shared, and celebrated.
Architect’s Rendering, Classroom
Architect’s Rendering, Classroom
In addition, iLEAD Spring Meadows’ facility will include an Exploratorium, Art Expression space, Makery, and Village.
Exploratorium – a technology space like a gymnasium for the mind! A hands-on focused, learner-centered approach to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Technology (STEAM), creatively engages and motivates learners of all ages. The individualized learning is relevant, challenging, and engaging.
Architect’s Rendering, Exploratorium
Art Expression – a space that promotes individual and group creativity. Learners are encouraged to take risks and express themselves through a variety of artistic mediums.
Makery – a space that provides hands-on, creative ways to encourage learners to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering, and creative tinkering.
Architect’s Rendering, Makery
Village – a space that builds upon the foundation of iLEAD’s culture of collaboration. The Village is a comfortable and welcoming gathering place for our school community, as well as a place to share ideas, present learning, and have some fun!
For more information about innovative, 21st-century learning spaces, read this blog, which features an interview with David Thornburg.
And, if you have the time, enjoy this excellent presentation by David Thornburg:

iLEAD Spring Meadows

iLEAD Spring Meadows offers a bright future for your child by providing Project Based Deeper Learning that promotes the development of the Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills needed for life-long success.

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