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Facilitator Appreciation is THIS WEEK


iLEAD Spring Meadows families are welcome and encouraged to show appreciation for our fabulous facilitators the week of May 8-12.

Below are daily gestures we are asking our learners to do to brighten the day of their facilitator:

 May 8:  Munchie Monday – Bring your facilitator a snack

 May 9:  Bloomin’ Tuesday – Bring your facilitator a flower

May 10:  Necessity Wednesday – Bring your facilitator a needed classroom supply

May 11:  Thoughtful Thursday – Bring your facilitator a hand-written card or note

May 12:  Fun Friday – Learner’s choice!

View and download each facilitator’s “favorites” below. Don’t forget Ms. Kay (who teaches art & international perspectives to all classes) and Ms. Sierra (who does daily interventions with many of our learners)!

Ms. Kay’s Favorites

Download (PDF, 531KB)

Ms. Sierra’s Favorites

Download (PDF, 532KB)

Ms. Manal’s Favorites

Download (PDF, 530KB)

Mrs. Morse’s Favorites

Download (PDF, 530KB)

Ms. Cristina’s Favorites

Download (PDF, 530KB)

Mrs. Rodgers’ Favorites

Download (PDF, 537KB)

Thank you in advance for participating!


iLEAD Spring Meadows

iLEAD Spring Meadows offers a bright future for your child by providing Project Based Deeper Learning that promotes the development of the Collaboration, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills needed for life-long success.

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