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School 21 – A Model School for Well-Rounded Curriculum

The iLEAD team strives to explore and research schools all over the world, discovering the ones that truly meet the academic and social-emotional needsRead More


Recapping the September 20 ED Talk

Last Tuesday we hosted our first parent education opportunity, the ED Talk. Although our morning and evening sessions had a modest turnout, both conversations wereRead More


Education Icon Joins iLEAD Advisory Board

‘Grandfather’ of Project-Based Learning, Thom Markham, to Advise on Program Refinements Thom Markham, an internationally respected education consultant and project-based learning guru, has joinedRead More


Personalizing Education with Individual Learning Plans

We believe that the most impactful learning is tailored to meet the individualized needs and interests of each learner. Unlike most traditional programs, youRead More


Friday Early Dismissal – Why it Strengthens iLEAD’s Program

This week we experienced our first early release Friday (iLEAD Spring Meadows learners are dismissed at 1:00 every Friday), and we are grateful forRead More


Self-Assessment & Reflection in Project Based learning

One of the key points we make about Project Based Learning (PBL) is that it is important to not only focus on the endRead More


Big News!

Congratulations, iLEAD Schools! It is official! The following experiment isamong 10 flight experiments chosen for SSEP Mission 10 to the ISS: “The Effects ofRead More


Project-Based Learning (PBL) through Authentic Experiences

The most meaningful projects are sparked from authentic experiences. When a learner feels connected to the challenge of the project, and understands the importanceRead More


iLEAD Partners with PBL Expert Thom Markham

In its eight years of existence, iLEAD’s vision has been to stay ahead of the game in project-based, authentic learning. One way iLEAD createsRead More


Project-Based Learning – The Main Course, Not Just Dessert!

A great analogy for how projects are done in the classroom is to think of them as the main course of an educational experience,Read More