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Correction of previous posts regarding Winter Wonderland Tour
We regret an error we made, incorrectly announcing the date of our Winter Wonderland Tour (our musical program).  The incorrect date of Friday, December... Read More
This Week’s PFLC Update
Anti-Bullying Event This past Friday, parents were invited to attend an anti-bullying seminar. Here is a recap of the event provided from parent Heidi... Read More
This week at iLEAD Spring Meadows
Fall Break begins Wednesday, November 22 Remember that later this week, learners and staff will be on Fall Break – allowing us all to... Read More
Mark your Calendar! December 21 is our Winter Wonderland Tour!
You are invited to join us for a tour around the school, visiting each class as they perform a festive winter holiday song for... Read More
Upcoming Dates & Events
Friday, Nov. 17 Parent Training on Bullying, 12 p.m. – in the Exploratorium.  View videos featuring the teachings of Brooks Gibbs for more information regarding... Read More
2nd Annual Multicultural Feast – Tuesday, Nov. 21 – What You Need to Know
Join us on Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 21, for our second annual multicultural feast! The multicultural feast is a tradition that will allow all iLEAD... Read More
This learning community is incredible. We are all growing together and I’m so proud of the work that the learners and facilitators are doing. Project-based learning is challenging but its real life learning and that is the best gift we can give our children: the tools that they need to be successful, well balanced adults.

Absolutely love this school. My son wants to go to school everyday, which speaks volumes! Everyone wants what’s best for your learner, and you can feel the love they have for the school. We have done private and public schooling trying to find the best match for my son with no success. He struggled in a typical classroom setting and with typical classroom structure. iLEAD has been amazing for him. I am so happy we found his perfect match!