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Upcoming Events
11/22: International Day Celebration, 1:30-3:00 p.m. 11/25-29: Fall Break 12/4-11: Scholastic Book Fair 12/7: Winter Wonderland Festival and Market 12/18: Learner Winter Showcase Program,... Read More
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Breakfast and Lunch at School
Learners may choose to bring their breakfast and/or lunch from home or purchase each at school. Please be advised that due to health and... Read More
Before and After Care
If you will need to have your learner participate in before- or after-school care, make sure to complete a registration form and turn it... Read More
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Still Available: 2018-19 iLEAD Spring Meadows Yearbooks Just $15
Last year’s yearbooks are still available for purchase for $15. Your learner will cherish this collection of memories for years to come! Stop in... Read More
Help Support iLEAD Spring Meadows
Did you know you can help iLEAD Spring Meadows grow and provide additional resources by just doing the things you’re already doing every day?... Read More

This learning community is incredible. We’re all growing together, and I’m so proud of the work the learners and facilitators are doing. Project-based learning is challenging, but it’s real life learning and that’s the best gift we can give our children: the tools they need to be successful, well-balanced adults.


Absolutely love this school. My son wants to go to school every day, which speaks volumes! Everyone wants what’s best for your learner, and you can feel the love they have for the school. We have done private and public schooling, trying to find the best match for my son, with no success. He struggled in a typical classroom setting and with typical classroom structure. iLEAD has been amazing for him. I am so happy we found his perfect match!